About Us

The late C. Peter Howard, a British gas physicist, is a descendant of Sir Luke Howard (1772-1864), the father of meteorology, who gave names to the varieties of clouds and invented the rain gauge. Richard Cozens (b.1674), shipbuilder to Czar Peter the Great, and his son, Alexander Cozens (1717-1786), the father of English water-coloring painting, and his son, John Robert Cozens (1752-1797), a renowned watercolor artist, are all Peter’s ancestors.

A former hometown beauty queen and the winner of many crowns including 'Miss Tennessee' for both 'Miss America' and 'Miss USA World', 'National Sweetheart', and 'Miss Dixie', Rita (nee Wilson) Howard is a Northwestern University graduate, a professional actress, and a member of the National Baton Twirling Hall of Fame. She serves on the board of several charities and is actively involved in scholarships for women.

Married in 1973, Rita & Peter are the proud parents of three sons and cherish their six grandchildren. Other owners of HRH Vineyards and the Crown Winery are Taylor Barker, Jack Hamilton of Humboldt and, Jim and Sheila Wilson of Memphis.