Andy’s Pizza

So the story of the pizza at Crown Winery goes like this… Andy’s Pizza was started in 1994 in Kenton, Ohio by one of the current Crown co-owners, Andy Horner and his family.  He was just 16 at the time.  During the start up of Andy’s, He and life-long friend, Jeremiah Scott perfected the dough and sauce recipes.  To this day, the two are so secretive about the recipe, that their own children don’t know it.  After graduating high school and heading to college, Jeremiah and Andy left the pizza business to pursue careers.   To learn more about The Original Andy’s Pizza, click here

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Andy’s Pizza Re-born

Several years later, after starting families, the two just couldn’t shake their love of pizza making.  They both began hosting private parties with new found friends and families.  One thing led to another and Andy built a mobile pizza trailer with the same oven he used to bake with sum 20 years earlier.  His goal was to be able to take the trailer to private parties or small festivals. 

trailer in vineyard.jpg

As fate would have it, one of Andy’s favorite spots to cook was Crown Winery with now business partner Scott Fallert.   After purchasing Crown Winery with their wives, Christine & Dawn, Andy & Scott have continued to introduce more and more Tennesseans to this amazing pizza and story born 25 years ago.  And there you have the story behind the pizza at Crown Winery.


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