Mrs. Rita's Strawberry wine reformulated

Updating her Beloved Strawberry Wine

As many of you know, our Strawberry Wine was our founder’s sweet gift to the Humboldt community.  She set out to develop a Strawberry wine that would make Humboldt proud.  Last month, we decided to revamp Mrs. Rita’s favorite to make the strawberry flavor and nose even more vibrant and delicious.  The customer response has been tremendously positive.  This past weekend, we received even more positive feedback, as a trained sommelier (professional wine taster) from New York visited to spend the afternoon with us.  She said, “You have made a perfectly balanced wine that leaves me wanting more after each sip.  You should be very excited that you have figured out how to give a fruit wine such backbone to balance your acidity and sweetness around.  Truly remarkable.”  One thing we have learned so far in the wine business is that, if you can impress a sommelier with a sweet fruit wine, you’re doing something right.  We are so grateful for her review and all of those who help us deliver such high quality products. 

If you haven't tried our newly updated Strawberry Wine, stop in for a tasting or order a bottle online today.